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The 6 Essential Functions Your Insurance Website Can Perform

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The internet has completely changed the way that people do their shopping and searching for information on certain products and services. Insurance is no different. I can do a quick Google search for ‘car insurance near me’ and find plenty of agencies to look into and choose from. The fact that there are so many options and competitors is what makes having a website so important. Clean, organized, modern insurance websites allow agents and agencies to stay competitive against the others. It is also a great way to stay promoting your business online.

If you don’t have an insurance website and you’re looking into getting one, or if you already have one, but you aren’t sure it’s worth it.

6 things that modern insurance websites can do for you:
Reach consumers who don’t have access to your other marketing strategies.

It may be hard to believe, but not everyone in the world has a Facebook or a YouTube account. Having a website allows those people without social media to still gain access to your information online. Even for those who do have social media accounts, most people do resort to a Google search when looking for products and services rather than typing ‘insurance near me’ in the Facebook search bar.

Tell consumers who you are, where you are, and what you do.

A quick internet search for ‘insurance’ can mean a lot of things. As you know, there are so many different types of insurance and there are so many different agents, agencies, and brokers. Use your website to express what services you offer. The best insurance websites will have different pages for each type of insurance they offer. These pages will have articles, photos, insurance videos, and other types of content explaining what that particular type of insurance offers as well as any information that might be specific to your state or area.

Offer your audience instant communication.

Use your website as a way to communicate with your consumers even when you are out of the office. This can take place in more forms than one. One of the ways to offer instant communication is through blogs. If you have new information to offer about insurance in your area, or if you want to explain to your audience how important it is for a renter to have a renters insurance policy, write a blog about it and post it to your site! You have the opportunity to answer questions your audience didn’t even know they had. Another form of instant communication can be a chat bot. If you want to be accessible to your consumers throughout the entire day, implement a chat on your site, so when your consumers have questions that arise, they can ask you and receive their answers instantly.

Make finding information convenient for your consumers.

This one kind of goes hand in hand with number two, telling your consumers what you do. This focuses more on the organization of your website and your insurance website design. A great way to make finding information easy for your audience is by using dropdown menus in your header and having different pages for each of the different types of insurance you provide. It’s easy to write a big article about all of the different types of insurance you offer and throw it on your home page, but that can be incredibly overwhelming for the reader. Especially if they do not have a need for each type of insurance. Give your readers the opportunity to easily navigate your site and click on the exact type of insurance they want to read about. If your website visitor only needs to look into car insurance, don’t make them scroll through two pages of home insurance and boat insurance articles to get there.

Offer you a low-maintenance way to gain leads.

Believe it or not, websites are actually really low maintenance and there is not a whole lot of upkeep involved. The hardest and most time-consuming part of your website is going to be the initial setup, but after that, there aren’t many changes you need to make to it. To make things even easier for you, you can use an insurance website builder that might have templates for you to choose from to get you started. Or, you can hand it over to a service that will build your entire website for you, like S3 Solutions. After you’ve set the website up, there isn’t much you have to do day-to-day unless you need to add a blog or change some information. It’s an easy way to advertise yourself and gain leads without taking time away from your daily work activities.

Offer you a low-cost way to gain leads.

In addition to being low upkeep, websites are also fairly low-cost. In direct comparison with other marketing strategies, it’s really inexpensive. You should be offering a ‘contact us’ form for website dwellers to fill out to obtain a quote from you. When you offer forms, you are getting yourself leads, and these leads have the potential of turning into closed deals. Creating a website is literally a small price to pay for new business.

It is easy to see why having an insurance website is crucial to you as an insurance agent or agency. It can be very hard to compete with other agents and agencies who do have websites and can gain leads from website traffic. Since business websites are so easy to maintain, there shouldn’t be anything holding you back from getting one. Ready to get started?

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